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All The Way to The Top, CHIS Won the First Prize in UNDIKNAS English Essay Competition

CHIS Journalism Team had joined many competitions this year, and the recent achievement had to be one of the best results that we received this year. Once again Velisia Putri Natalie or known as Veve had just won the biography contest that was held by Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (UNDIKNAS).

The biography contest was held in one of the Universitas Pendidikan Nasional’s buildings on Monday, 23rd October 2017. In this competition, she was going against fifteen other finalists including two other CHIS students. Veve had a week to prepare her essay and slides for the presentation, and all the effort that she put in was rewarding. The theme of the biography contest was ‘Unpopular Hero’, and Velisia chose Dr. Warsito Purwo Taruno as her unpopular hero. The reason why she chose him as her unpopular hero was that he had invented pieces of equipment to annihilate cancer cells and yet he still lacked recognition from the medical world. Furthermore, his clinic was closed because he hasn't received the government's approval of his inventions.

With her passion for writing and her beliefs in Dr. Warsito, Veve had made an amazing essay and presentation in English. Her presentation caught the judges’ eyes while she was giving her presentation perfectly without any flaws in under 5 minutes and had answered all of the judges' questions just in time.

“At first, I didn’t want to join since the school’s journalists were so busy—we needed to finish some school assignment,” she said. However, our English, most wonderful teacher, Ms. Cheryl, gave her a little push, she said, "You guys are capable of doing anything!".

The winning announcement was held on Friday, 27th October 2017 and at that day the judges announced that the winner of the biography contest was Veve. She felt very grateful to get this opportunity to join and won this competition and she is very thankful for all the English teacher and the principal of SMA CHIS that helped and guided her patiently to revise her works and gave her the courage she needed.

“Couldn’t have done it without my main English Department ladies, Sherina and Corina,” she said proudly. “CHIS is the best trilingual school in Bali. It would be weird if we didn’t wipe clean this competition. I agree with Ms. Cheryl—CHIS students are capable of doing everything.”


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